Our place was a real mess, in a real state.

"Our place was a real mess, in a real state. The carpet desperately needed doing, there was mould everywhere and the shower was all rotten. The mould in the bedrooms was affecting our breathing and making our asthma worse. Since we have had the repairs on our house, we are both sleeping better at night, we are warmer and feel really cosy".

Home recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity on their latest 'A Brush with Kindness' project in Christchurch to renovate what was becoming and increasingly unhealthy home for the Flintoff family. So Bridget at Habitat for Humanity Christchurch let us know about the Evan and Jenny's situation and we jumped in to help. The Flintoff's moved out of their home, while we assembled a Build Partner team and got to work!

was in first, getting started with some Asbestos removal to the old vynil, and once finished and deemed safe, handed the keys over to the Home carpentry team who got stuck into some demo work deconstructing the rotten shub making way for a brand new shower.

Flintoff Main Bedroom Img 9072
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Upstairs, we removed a moldy and water damaged ceiling in the bedroom and replaced it with a new GIB ceiling ready for painting.

Plumbfast & Showerwell then came in to connect and install a brand new shower unit with a dome to contain steam and moisture. AGR8SPARKY then installed an extractor fan in the bathroom to also help keep the moisture levels down.

John at Curtin Decorating then plastered the new GIB ready for HFH volunteers to paint the previously pink walls to a fresh white.

Finally, Nextdore installed a warm oak vynil planking in the Kitchen and Bathroom and new carpet throughout the rest of the home to finish it all off.

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"Now that we are back in our house again, we are feeling a lot more relaxed, we are really rapt with it, it looks so good! It has saved us the worry of thinking about how we would do it ourselves, as we are both on disability benefits. It has taken away the financial stress we had thinking about it."

"Now we have the motivation and get out and do the garden and work on keeping up good habits for keeping our house clean and tidy." A lot of the plants in their garden have been transplanted from Evan’s childhood home in Nelson and now they are looking to give the garden some TLC.

"We are absolutely rapt with our home repair; we are so happy! - It was worth the wait!"

Again a massive thank you to our incredible Build Partners who generously gave their time and resources to make this much needed home repair happen.


Evan & Jenny inside their renovated and healthier home enjoying a bit of sun.

Since we have had the repairs on our house, we are both sleeping better at night, we are warmer and feel really cosy".

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