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What does home mean to you? Is it merely somewhere to eat and sleep, and carry out the necessary activities of day-to-day life? Or does it represent something more?

If we’re being honest, for many of us home is somewhere we take for granted. Having never been without one, we’ve never put much thought into its importance and the value it brings to our life. But for those who don’t have this basic necessity, a home represents so much.

Here at home, we believe the true value of a home is not in bricks and mortar, that’s just a house, instead, it’s in the intangibles that enable people to be the best they can be. Having somewhere to call home gives us roots and a sense of belonging, an identity. It’s the foundation that makes us feel safe and secure and empowers us to live our best lives - spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. A home isn’t necessarily one you own, nor one that fits the traditional perception of what a home should be, it’s simply somewhere you belong and has a sense of permanence.

If we’re being honest, for many of us home is somewhere we take for granted.

Our team’s mission is to build flourishing communities. Strong families are critical to building strong communities, and at the heart of the family is their home. So, when someone is without a home it’s very difficult for them to flourish. And that’s the situation a growing number of New Zealanders and millions more around the world are finding themselves in.

Globally it is estimated that more than 1.6 billion people live in inadequate housing while over 100 million have no home at all (Habitat, 2015). Here in NZ, around 42,000 people are understood to be homeless - either living rough, in emergency housing or living in substandard garages - and up to 193,700 people are considered at risk (Salvation Army, 2017). However you look at it, we simply do not have enough houses, but even if we build more houses, it’s the homes we need the most.

Which is where we are helping.

A large majority of our commercial projects focus on social housing, and through these projects we are able to help ensure more kiwis have adequate housing and can begin to create a home. Yvonne and Sonny are just two of the people we have been fortunate enough to help:

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Sonny is a cancer survivor currently raising his two young granddaughters in Auckland. Despite his amazingly positive outlook on life, Sonny was in desperate need of assistance. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, our team carried out a full replacement of Sonny’s bathroom, laundry, hallway and kids room, as well as replacing some piling and rewiring the house. It was a massive effort by all involved, and one that means Sonny and his girls now have a safe roof over their heads.

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Yvonne was another deserving member of the community we were able to help. With a leaky roof, rotting floors, and a bathroom covered in mould, Yvonne used to try and hide the damage by positioning furniture so you couldn’t see the damage. Feeling helpless and becoming increasingly isolated, a visit from Habitat for Humanity changed everything for Yvonne. Again partnering with Habitat for Humanity, we were able to carry out repairs to Yvonne’s home, giving her and her family a beautiful home they love that’s also warmer, drier and healthier.

We are also very proud to be involved in the Home for a Home initiative, whereby we fund a home in a developing country for every home we build for profit here in NZ.

Kala is one of the wonderful people of Nepal we have had the privilege of helping recently. A single mother supporting a family of 8, merely surviving was a daily struggle that took all of her efforts. Now, the family’s new home represents more than just a safe and secure place to live, it represents a future with hope. A warm and dry home means less sickness and Kala now hopes to be able to send the children to school, to start her own farm and earn enough money to save.

Buildtech Nepal Hfh Family

There are millions of people like Sonny, Yvonne and Kala in need and we are proud to be involved in the global movement towards eradicating homelessness completely.

We realise a home is not the answer to every problem and it doesn’t carry magical qualities by any means. But if we do our bit to help give more people a place to call home, it’s one less thing for them to worry about, and creates a foundation from which they can flourish and reach their true potential.

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