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It's good to be home.

We’re a full-service New Zealand construction and development company specialising in community and affordable housing, retirement and aged care facilities, and community buildings.

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High & White Street

Masterfully planned and designed, these 28 one bedroom homes allow residents to live their best life both individually and communally, with just under half of them fully accessible.

Pallant & Wordsworth

Four damp, older homes were demolished to make way for a new community of 15 mixed sized homes on the existing site. Integrated into the landscape with great architecture and urban design, the site now consists of homes ranging from one to four bedrooms.

Alpine Clubhouse

The team has just completed the beautiful new clubhouse at Alpine View retirement village. Designed by + MAP Architects, featuring a custom fireplace, pizza oven, and dance floor, this clubhouse will serve as an important community gathering space for the local residents.

Mangere Development

Originally this site consisted of three uninsulated, damp homes which have been replaced with 10 new, warm and dry homes. A mixture of 2 bedroom units and 4 bedroom stand alones, these low maintenance homes provide great amenity and community connection for the new residents.

North Methodist

home. was pleased to be part of rebuilding a beautiful piece of architecture and important place of worship for the Christchurch community after the 100 year old church was demolished after receiving severe damage from the Canterbury earthquakes.

Barbadoes Street

home. redeveloped this brownfields site into five 3 bedroom affordable townhouses adhering to the highest design and energy star principles. home. undertook all parts of the development, design, procurement, and construction process of this innercity rebuild.

The Metro

Abandoned, leaky, and earthquake damaged, this piece of architectural history in the heart of Christchurch’s central city was originally slated for demolition. home. took on the challenge of rebuilding and restoring these 15 homes to hand back to the local Christchurch community.

What we build

We focus on construction projects that contribute to the well-being of local communities

Strategic Partnerships

We partner with other organisations with the same heart and passion to outwork our mission.

Our Philosophy

We believe a safe and stable home is the foundation for thriving families and flourishing communities.


Our Mission

It’s our mission to ensure that every family in New Zealand and throughout the world has access to safe, warm and affordable housing.

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Community focus, global impact

Follow our progress as we re-invest our profit and time to help restore communities in need, both locally and internationally

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