Why we're choosing to support Aviva

In our initial meeting with Aviva at the beginning of the year, we learnt about their kaupapa, their history, their mission and objectives. Operating in the Canterbury region for 50 years and providing invaluable support, care and assistance to women, whānau and tamariki, this charitable organisation has an amazing heart.

Gwenda Kendrew shared information about their ‘emergency fund’ and the fact that the need for this fund keeps increasing each year. It provides necessary support for adhoc and spontaneous needs such as emergency shelter, food, health care, clothing and other personal situations which are unforeseen. Aviva doesn’t have a budget for this emergency fund and their governmental financial support has decreased since Covid. We saw a chance for Home to provide practical support, make an impact for Aviva and honour the work they do and have done.

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Here at Home, our mission and purpose is to build homes where an individual or whānau can live, flourish and thrive in their community. It is the people who will live in our developments that matter the most. People are at the centre of all we do. It matters to us that our homes safe havens that provide tenure, security, safety and connection.

We have the privilege and honour to partner and support organisations in our community who do amazing mahi and make a significant impact and difference in people’s lives. There are so many worthy charities and groups who need support, which makes it a challenge to decide who to partner with. In this case, it was:

  • the longevity of Aviva
  • the heart of what they do
  • the significant impact they have had in many lives over the last 50 years
  • the care and love they provide for the vulnerable and marginalised in our communities
  • their passion and values.
These align with Home's values and match what we look for when we partner with other organisations.