The future of Home Leadership

We are incredibly excited to share that yesterday our Board ratified the appointment of Paul Nanai as Chief Executive of Home Construction. Paul will be ably supported by Ramonette Gray who has been appointed as Group Chief Financial Officer. These two exceptional leaders will lead a stellar senior leadership team, or Empowerment Team as we call them, of Emma Bennett, Simon Hardy, David Brown, Josh Milne, Hoon Kim, and Duncan Bourne.

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Paul has served the people, build partners, and customers at Home in various Leadership, Operational, and People & Culture roles for nearly 10 years. His passion for what we do, and more importantly the wellbeing and welfare of the people we do it for, and the people we do it with, is exceptional. He truly understands what it means to partner, and his inspiring leadership style is one of humble service. Treating every individual, from apprentice to client CEO, as equally valuable and worthy of his time and investment. Paul leads from the rear but is always the first into the fire. Guarding and protecting the people in his care, and drawing out the best in each of them, are special gifts he possesses that will ensure the mission of Home and its people will continue to flourish.

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Ramonette has served in various finance roles at Home for more than 10 years. Serving initially as an Accounts Payable clerk, Payroll Manager, and in the last 5 years as Group Finance Leader. She is a gifted, gracious, and humble leader, which is why she has excelled, and why people under her leadership have flourished and grown so dramatically. She has navigated Home through some of its most challenging seasons and helped to build financial strength and resilience across the organisation. She recognises that like blood, profit is essential to the life and health of an organisation, but like blood you do not exist solely for that purpose.

We are even more excited about the future of Home with these appointments.

Israel Cooper, Director