Tendy Cooper – Apprentice of the Year, Top 10 Finalist!

We could not be prouder of our very own Tendy Cooper, who stands proudly as one of the distinguished female trailblazers, securing her place as a top ten finalist for the esteemed Apprentice of the Year Award, an initiative presented by Registered Master Builders in collaboration with CARTERS.

This recognition is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence in carpentry, a field traditionally dominated by men. Tendy's remarkable journey not only symbolizes her personal triumphs but also signifies a broader shift towards inclusivity and gender diversity in the building and construction industry.

Tendy02 Tendy03

Her dedication, skill, passion and perseverance for trying to master the intricacies of carpentry have not only earned her a spot among the finalists but also serve as an inspiration to aspiring apprentices and young women considering a career in this traditionally male-oriented field.

A huge thank you to CARTERS and Master Builders Association for their Apprentice of the Year Award, which not only acknowledges exceptional hard work and talent, but also underscores the importance of nurturing and celebrating emerging talents, while simultaneously promoting the numerous opportunities that lie within the dynamic world of construction.