We took an exciting step into the future of construction as our modular prefabricated three-story apartments in Onehunga, Auckland came to completion this month. For this project, we used IMB’s modular panels and TBS’s patented building assembly system. This clever system provides wood-based, integrated flat pack panels that include structural, plumbing and electrical service elements. This meant our construction team went from foundation to third-level of all homes, in a matter of weeks. These new construction methods are producing valuable advancements for our team and the industry as a whole. We’re taking key learnings into future projects.

As a prototype of this new construction methodology, the project came with its set of challenges. But, with a collaborative approach and a determination to succeed, the homes delivered are high-quality, warm, dry, quiet and secure. With efficient use of space and intelligent design, the 12 new homes share covered stairs and are fully insulated, acoustically separated and have double glazing throughout.

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Project Highlights:

+ Prefabricated wall and floor panels are constructed off site

+ For success in the consenting phase, a rigorous QA process was followed and documented by TBS, including photos of every panel at each key stage of construction

+ The interior linings of the structural walls are made of NZ-made triboard, which gives the panels bracing, durability, fire properties and a pre-primed surface for finishing

+ During the design phase 3D modelling helps plan service routes, cut-outs in the panels for powerpoints and vents

+ The same model was used in installation planning, with the crane and its swing modelled in, as well as mapping out the install sequence for each panel

+ Build-ready panels, complete with installed windows, are delivered to site

+ Technical collaboration between TBS and our team ensures hold-down bolts cast into the slab fit the panels seamlessly

+ Forward planning on the modular system results in the installation of each fully covered and water-tight three-level building, within a week

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