Karamū neighbourhood celebration

You can not build a home, you can only build a house. It’s what the house enables that makes it a home. Belonging, safety, relationships, and most importantly a connection with the land and its whakapapa. These are the things that make a home.

The team at Home NZ recognise this, in fact it's their very kaupapa. Which is why they partner with the Home Foundation and it’s many partners and tangata whenua to support the building of communities.

After the Home team have constructed the houses, the lasting work of creating homes and communities begins.

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Home was honoured to join with families living at one of our recently completed Christchurch developments, Karamū, to celebrate the 84 new households that have become part of the neighbourhood.

These events have the single purpose of helping to build community. By helping new homeowners and tenants understand the whakapapa of the whenua in which they are now being weaved into.

- Israel Cooper, Home.

By facilitating connection and relationship between neighbours by breaking down cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic barriers. And by helping and empowering the community to determine how best to enable their community and its inhabitants to flourish.

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The afternoon was a great success! Lynne Te Aika from the Matapopore Charitable Trust shared the history of the area and the story behind the name 'Karamū' which was gifted to this orignally Ngāi Tahu land.

Local caterers FUSH and Kung Fu Dumplings provided delicious food and we all enjoyed playing lawn games loaned by urban play specialists, Gap Filler. Thankfully the sun came to play too so it was a special time for all.