Buildtech started with an idea that innovation, technology, and smart business could solve everything there was to solve with housing, and a belief that by using technology, houses could be built better, faster and more affordable. And so Buildtech was formed. It was a good idea, but one we now realise was incomplete.

It was a good idea, but one we now realise was incomplete.

During the repair, restoration, and building of the 4,200+ houses our business has now completed, we discovered one important truth: we build and restore homes, not houses. It’s a two-letter distinction, but more profound than it might first appear. A home has people, a house has walls. A home has memories, and feeling and relationships. A house alone has none of those things. In other words, without people, a home doesn’t exist, it remains just a house.

And here is where we discovered what was in front of us all along. We exist because of people. People are at the heart of our Why. It is people who develop, design and build our houses, and it is people, families and individuals, who make those houses ‘home’. So to better reflect who we are and why we exist, we decided we should change our name.

So here it is. From now on we will be called, Home.

From now on we will be called, home.
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Simple really. And perhaps obvious. But sometimes it can take you a while to realise what has been in front of you all along.

As Home, we will continue to innovate and use technology. To strive towards building more homes better, faster, and more affordable, and to deliver world-class building projects both here in NZ and overseas. The people remain the same, our values and principles remain the same, and our vision of a world free of homelessness still lies at our core.

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For many of our valued partners things won’t change. However, for us, our new name represents something very important. Home better reflects our vision and serves as a reminder to both ourselves and those we work with and for, of what we hold important and why we do what we do: to enable every person in the world to have the security of a home and to give them the foundation for a flourishing life.

So welcome, to Home.

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